August 2018 Newsletter

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August 2018 Newsletter

Hey Nerds!
Yeah, I'm lookin at you

It's never too late to geek out on something new. Why not take a class at LBK to build some new synapses for your brain? Gain some empowerment, plus a happy bike (win - win!) #nevernotlearning

Two things of note: 
1) Don't behave like a manic car driver when you're on canal towpaths - they aren't rat runs for cyclists. If you need to get somewhere quickly, use the roads. Don't like the roads? Campaign for better ones with the London Cycling Campaign
2) We are still getting evicted in January 2020 but we can't move until after March 2019 if we want to take advantage of this break clause we've been offered. So if you know of any workshop spaces going next year, we're all ears. It's also looking more likely we'll need to partner with another organisation in order to be able to afford rent - if you know of one, please get in touch. 

And now, for your learning pleasure, I bring you:
Intro to Maintenance
The original, and the best place to start if you're a total bike n00b. 
- parts of the bike
- tools and how to use them
- fix a puncture
- fitting your bike to your body
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Rim Brakes
Stopping is good! And proper 'elf 'n' safety innit. If you have rim brakes, learn how they work:
- changing pads
- good brake maintenance
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Hydraulic Disc Brakes
The new kids on the block are becoming more popular:
- how to change pads
- how to bleed your brakes
- good maintenance practices
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Gear Indexing
Fairies don't change your gears, cables do! 
- how cable tension works
- how to index a front & rear derailleur
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Bearing Systems
Bearings on your bike go round and round - giving them a yearly service is good practice
- how to service a wheel hub
- how bottom brackets & headsets work
Book of spots
Touring Maintenance
Our best selling class! Learn how to fix:
- broken spokes
- snapped cables
- broken chains
- torn tyres
- bent/broken derailleurs

Spots of books

photo by Greg Siple
Test Class: Plan Your Next Adventure
- mapping your route
- what to pack
- how to put it on your bike
- how to pack your bike safely for transport 

Be our guinea pig
Photo by Greg Siple

Wheel Building
Join new instructor Judith from Stayer Cycles as she teaches you how to build a 3-cross rear cassette hub wheel
- spoke calculation
- lacing
- tensioning
- truing
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BYOB (Build Your Own Bike) 
The class that started it all...
- package deal bikes available
- take your bike apart and put it back together
- or -
- build a new bike from scratch
Get in touch:
1:1 Classes
Don't have time? Have some weird bike issues? Book a 1 to 1 class with us for a bespoke experience. Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9am - 12pm. £30/hour, 2 hour minimum. Email with your requirements.
Upcoming Events
Wheel Suckers Live!
with Ned Boulting
Wednesday 5 September // 7pm // Look Mum No Hands
Join myself and Alex from Look Mum No Hands as we get to know the softer side of Ned, ask him all about his new Touring show about le Tour, as well as play Pass The Parcel for prizes for everyone! 
FREE tickets here!
WAG returns for Autumn learning! LBK's Women and Gender-variant Nights are every second and fourth Monday of the month. Doors open at 630, show starts at 7. We do a talk, or a workshop, or a film screening, or a group discussion till 8pm. Then we have FREE bike checks from 8 - 9pm. Suggested donation £3 but nobody turned away for lack of funds. We'll also have access to the Saddle Library! Get measured up and select a saddle to try out for a week. Only £10 to join - a non-refundable fee. 
Stay In The WAG Loop
Stuck For a Gift? 
How to Build a Bike -  signed copy!
How to Build a Bike - signed copy!
Here is a nice book
LBK Tool Pouch
LBK Tool Pouch
This pouch has multiple uses
Gift Voucher - buy in increments of £5 (a shopify workaround)
Gift Voucher - buy in increments of £5 (a shopify workaround)
Still don't know? A gift voucher solves all problems
Our friends at Osona Cycling Tours are doing a women's special weekender!
Workshops include: Yoga, Nutrition, bike mechanics
For more information email:
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That's all for now, get studying gang... I leave you with the cutest tandem couple. #tandemgoals

Love, peace, and bicycle grease,
Jenni xx