The time has come to...

So 2020 and the birth of covid forced me to take my teaching online, something I never wanted to do or even envisioned doing. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I taught hundreds of people in live, online Zoom classes. 
Things I learned: 
  • teaching online means I have to be fast - dead air means I can lose a student’s attention
  • sound quality is more important than image quality
  • instructing without seeing your beautiful faces is draining
  • hour long online lectures are reeeeallyyyyyy lonnngggggggg 
  • just because people took a class, doesn't mean they're applying it!
Armed with this knowledge, in this current climate where new variants are emerging and people are dealing with long covid, I’ve created a new online class offering to keep us all safe while still facilitating a community. One that addresses actually doing DIY at home.
I present to you: Hex Club

Hex Club is a weekly live fix-a-long, with me as your guide. Your camera/mic will be on this time, AND you'll be working on your own bike. It's kind of like group therapy, or a gym class for you and your bike.

I'm opening it up to only 10 students for this first month, as I envision 10 being the right number for a cozy student:teacher ratio. 
This pioneering cohort is £39/month and will be on Thursdays at 7pm (London time), starting next Thursday 17 June. If you already know you want in, sign up here! (If this time doesn't work for you, but you want to participate, let me know - if there's demand, I'll set up a 2nd cohort on another day/time).
What you get:
  • weekly live fix-a-longs with a professional instructor (me!)
  • 24/7 access to the online class library
  • education, empowerment, and fun!
I’m providing help, structure, and accountability, all wrapped into one. If this is something you’re looking for, as daddy Darth says, JOIN ME. Together we will build strong foundations for your maintenance skills and never fear a mechanical again💪
You'll sign up with Paypal Subscriptions. This will be a monthly £39 membership renewal and you can cancel at any time. BUT - your purchase is for the entire month so your membership will end at the end of your monthly cycle.
If you have a partner, parent, or child that would like to join you with the same camera, I'm fine with that too (I mean, unless it proves to be difficult for some unknown reason).
All classes are Thursdays from 7-8pm (London time) via Zoom
17 June: M-check-along
24 June: Clean-a-long
1 July: Sushi roll-a-long
8 July: Ask a mechanic
15 July: M-check-along
22 July: Clean-a-long
29 July: Clean or Replace Brake Pads-a-long (both rim & disc)
5 August: Innertube Patch-a-long
12 August: M-check-along
19 August: Clean-a-long
26 August: Protein ball-a-long
2 September: Ask a mechanic
I hope you're noticing a pattern here - you should be doing a monthly M-check and chain clean. Feel free to swap out bikes or work on 2 at a time as well.
I will be sending out class instructions a week before your class with what tools/ingredients you'll need to prepare beforehand, plus a class outline.

The session will be recorded so that you can catch up if you missed it, or watch it again if there’s some learning to cement. It will NOT be shared publicly or in the online class library - it's for Hex Club eyes only 👀
It doesn't look like we're out of the COVID weeds yet, and LBK's DIY workshop will be remaining closed this summer. Help keep us afloat and keep your bike happy at the same time - become a Hex Club Member today!