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May 2018 Newsletter

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May the 9th be with you

Ranty newsletter ahoy!

Yeah, hate to be a Debbie Downer, but we’ve been handed our official kick out date, which is the 31st of January 2020. Which sounds far away - and it is - but at the same time it’s not. So we’ll be hunting for a new space and we need your help! We are looking for the following: about 50 square meters (or bigger), cost around £8-10k/year, somewhere in North or East (or North East) London, and will be available in 2019. Leads so far have been a dead end, but we have faith that something will turn up. Know anything or anyone? Please get in touch: 

Also open to other wacky ideas, such as a double decker bus (but where will we park it?) or a barge (ex-boaters on our staff say no), or collaborating with another business (no oil companies pls). 

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JOB ALERT: Bookkeeper Wanted! 

Numbers and,
Spreadsheets and,
Data entry, OH MY
Does this turn you on? If so, come work with us! 

Part time position / Would suit a freelancer well / Pay £10/hour (the rate we all get paid here as a co-op) 
Please get in touch if you fit the bill! 
mouth watering knowledge

Intro to Maintenance
Sun 13 + Sun 20 May 10am - 1pm
Sun 27 May + Sun 3 June 10am - 1pm 
Tue 29 May + Tue 5 June 6pm - 9pm
Sun 10 + Sun 17 June 10am - 1pm 
Wed 13 + Wed 20 June 6pm - 9pm

Rim Brakes
Sat 2 June 10am - 1pm 
Wed 6 June 6pm - 9pm

Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Tuesday 26 June 6pm - 9pm

Gear Indexing
Weds 23 May 6 - 9pm 
Sat 23 June 10am - 1pm

Bearing Systems
Sat 5 May 10am - 1pm 
Weds 30 May 6pm - 9pm 
Tues 19 June 6pm - 9pm

Touring Maintenance
Tuesday 22 May 6pm - 9pm
Wednesday 27 June 6pm - 9pm

Wheel Building Part 1
Saturday 12 May 11am - 530pm 
Saturday 16 June 11am - 530pm

Wheel Building Part 2
Saturday 26 May 11am - 530pm 
Saturday 23 June 11am - 530pm

Dynamo Wheel Building
Learn to build your very own Dynamo Wheel! Email

Saturday 26 May 10am - 6pm
Saturday 9 June 10am - 6pm
Saturday 30 June 10am - 6pm

1 Hour Classes
1 hour of delicious learning on a Thursday morning from 8 - 9am.

1:1 Tuition 
Get intimate with your bike

Offsite Class Packages
Perfect for team building exercises, hen do's, birthday parties or Bar Mitzvahs


Tubeless Tyre Maintenance

Everything you wanted to know about tubeless tyres but were afraid to ask 

Tuesday 12 June 6 - 9pm
Test class, only £20 - HOLY COW
All we ask for in return is your feedback on how the class went.
Sign up here!
Tubeless? HECK YES


Support your local bike project 
We sell nice things
How to Build a Bike -  signed copy!
How to Build a Bike - signed copy!
Limited Edition - Zombie with a Spanner T-shirt
Limited Edition - Zombie with a Spanner T-shirt
Me n Alex from Look Mum No Hands do a cycling L0Lz podcast. 
Listen to our latest episode with Jack Thurston of The Bike Show, author of the Lost Lanes book series. 
If you like our lil pod, please give us a nice rating on Soundcloud or iTunes :D
I like podcasts / Yes I do / I like podcasts / How bout you?

It me!

I was kindly invited by Kerena Fussell to give a talk at the Wanstead Tap, way out East. Come get drunk while I talk about bikes and this book that I wrote. I've forgotten what it was about so I'll have to revise! Hope to see y'all there :D

Women and Gender-Variant Nights!

WAG nights are run by volunteers every second and fourth Monday of the month. A safe space for people who are not generally encouraged to get their hands dirty! Doors open at 630pm, show starts at 7. We teach a lesson / do a seminar / host a workshop from 7 - 8pm. From 8 - 9pm we do free Bike Checks - ask us anything! No more drop-in as we were staying too late. 

More is posted on our public Facebook Page - and don't worry, you don't have to be on Cambridge Analytica - er - I mean facebook to view. 

Fresh // Roasted // Homemade
Peanut Butter!!!

it's toasted!
Our friend Clarence from Subtle Couriers has a side hustle making peanut butter just like the kind from his native Zimbabwe. This butter is THE BEE'S KNEES - bet you've never had anything like it (I know I haven't!) Properly roasted and made in a South London kitchen space, it's organic too but not labelled coz you have to pay for that shit and that would make it more expensive. Passing those savings on to you, innit.

Only £3.50 for a jar, bring in your empty Subtle jar for .50p off your next purchase - £1 of every jar goes to LBK too :D Best buy some now, otherwise I'm pretty sure we're going to eat it all ourselves...

Want more info? Contact:
If you like what we do, and you can’t give us your money right now
give us your stars! 

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That's all for now kids. 
We are still open for servicing at no.16.
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More info in the next edition about our new membership scheme!

I leave you with a video on all the different ways to ride with no hands this summer :D

Love, peace, & bicycle grease,
Jenni xx
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