September 2018

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September 2018

Baa dee yah
Cycling in September ❤️

Hello everyone! 
The weather has turned - and you know what that means - time to CLEAN YOUR DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY CHAIN. 

Do it at home with some rubbing alcohol, or do it at LBK with our sensual Rozone enzymatic parts washer - we don’t care, just do it! Your drivetrain will last longer, both saving you money and saving the environment from metal waste. Witness the tetanus trap we have at LBK, and make a pledge to save metal! 🤘
A 4.9 Star Experience
Thank you so much to the ongoing 5 Star Reviews we are getting on the google and face books. These really inspire us and encourage us to keep going. If you can't give us your money, give us your stars!
Scrumptious Schooling
Dates are online!

Intro to Maintenance
Rim Brakes
Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Gear Indexing
Bearing Systems
Touring Maintenance
Wheel Building Part 1 
BYOB (Build Your Own Bike
1 Hour Wheel Truing
1 Hour Drivetrain Cleaning

Need knowledge ASAP? Book us for some 1:1 Tuition! Email with your requirements.
Wheel Building Part 2

Thanks to new instructor Judith from Stayer Cycles, we've rejigged our Wheel Building series to make it more approachable and easier to digest. Part 1 is now 3 hours building a front wheel; Part 2 will be building your own wheel under supervision. We'll have spiffy new package wheel deals (hellooo dynamo wheels!) to make your first real build go as smoothly as possible. Stay tuned...
Did you know? 
We also do repairs! Should you not have the inclination nor the time to DIY, we are happy to do the dirty work for you. Drop us a tweet, an email, or come by the Repair shop Tues - Fri 8am - 8pm. LBK2 is where all the magick happens, find us at no.16 Whitmore Road, N1 5QA. 
Offsite Classes
We bring LBK to YOU! Whether it’s a class (we can teach up to 8 students at a time) or a Dr Bike, you can hire us to bring your workplace some bike fixing fun. Great for weddings, birthdays, and stag/hen do's. For more details visit our website, or email 
Gift Vouchers
Want to nudge someone to the DIY dark side? Get em a Gift Voucher! 
We can also do class specific vouchers if you prefer. Just drop us a line. 
WAGfest Returns!
Saturday 27 October
Look Mum No Hands
Save the date
How to Build a Bike -  signed copy!
How to Build a Bike - signed copy!
🌟 Makes a great gift 🌟
Giving LBK a lift in October
We’ve been keeping our drop in and class prices the same for a few years now, so it’s time for a lil raise. Drop in will become £14/hour, and classes will now be £50 for a 3 hours session (Intro to Maintenance will be £90, and BYOB will be £150.)
That's all for now friends! I leave you with some insight into Peter Sagan's training routine 💪🚴💝
Love, peace, and bicycle grease,
Jenni x