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Isn’t it funny - the moment you get on a bike you become invisible

As cyclists, we are placed in a peculiar state of heightened awareness the moment we get on a bike. Everyday we are disregarded by drivers who ignore us, tell us we don’t belong, or worse, try to attack us. Those of us who are privileged enough to have camera equipment - if you collect enough of the “right” footage, you might get the opportunity to take your attacker to trial. But time and time again, the system fails us. At best they disregard the driving as ‘careless’. They don’t want to ruin someone’s future job prospects. It was an “accident". And so justice is yet again, outside our reach. 

I am not saying this is the same as the experience of a Black person in the Western world - far from it. Nothing can hold a candle to centuries of oppression, pain, and terrorism. But while the majority of us cyclists are white, our experience of being disregarded, ignored, and even killed while cycling should provide an opportunity to genuinely empathise with every day racism and living with the threat of police violence. At the end of the day, we can get off our bikes, but you can’t change the colour of your skin. 

Right now, the Black Lives Matter movement needs us to speak up for them. The racist UK government is led by a crafty bigot, whose cock-up managing the Covid-19 pandemic is still rampaging through the country, with a now projected number of 40k+ deaths (disproportionately affecting BAME communities), higher than the rest of Europe combined. Great Britain, indeed. (The coronavirus is still here by the way, don’t get comfortable.) Some might say, oh racism isn’t as bad here - to that I say maybe it's more subtle, but that makes it worse, because we can’t see it head on. This makes it harder to fight. 

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What? I have to take care of my tyres? 

Yes sweet thing, you do. 

Your tyres are used every time you ride, and are a consumable - i.e. something meant to be consumed. As with most consumables, how long they last depends on how well you take care of them, and the environment you’re riding in. 

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Baa dee yah
Cycling in September ❤️

Hello everyone! 
The weather has turned - and you know what that means - time to CLEAN YOUR DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY CHAIN. 

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Hey Nerds!
Yeah, I'm lookin at you

It's never too late to geek out on something new. Why not take a class at LBK to build some new synapses for your brain? Gain some empowerment, plus a happy bike (win - win!) #nevernotlearning

Two things of note: 
1) Don't behave like a manic car driver when you're on canal towpaths - they aren't rat runs for cyclists. If you need to get somewhere quickly, use the roads. Don't like the roads? Campaign for better ones with the London Cycling Campaign
2) We are still getting evicted in January 2020 but we can't move until after March 2019 if we want to take advantage of this break clause we've been offered. So if you know of any workshop spaces going next year, we're all ears. It's also looking more likely we'll need to partner with another organisation in order to be able to afford rent - if you know of one, please get in touch. 

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*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* View this email in your browser OMG FLASH CLASS SALE!!! We have a new website friends!!! I don't know if it's good or not so to encourage you to go there and use it and find the bugs, here's a discount code for 33% off any class of your choice. (Also finally got to use this rad photo by Kimiko Nishimoto!) here is your code: FLASHLBK33 You can only use the code once, but on as many classes as you like!  Good for Fri/Sat/Sun (23/24/25 March) so best get your greasy hands tappin over to the newly minted Code turns...

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