We're hiring!

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We're hiring!

Yep, you heard correctly - we're looking for a new mechanic or two. 

Read on and see if you fit the bill. Or perhaps you know someone who would? Please share far and wide! 

Position: Course Instructor/Bike Mechanic

Employer: London Bike Kitchen

Category: Mechanic/Sales/Teaching

Salary: £10/ph. 

Full time / Part time available

About Us

Aloha! We are a not-for-profit DIY space in Hackney that helps people learn how to fix their own bike with courses and drop-in sessions from our experienced team of instructors. 

We believe bicycles are fantastic tools for education, empowerment, and engagement so we run an expanding range of innovative projects and classes, especially encouraging those who do not traditionally spend time in a workshop environment. Our ongoing Women and Gender-variant (WAG) Nights have proven to be a stepping stone for getting more people comfortable with their bikes, and we have recently started our Women of Colour Monthly Meetup group with author Jools Walker (aka Lady Velo). 

Our drop-in workshop/classroom opened seven years ago, and we have now expanded into a retail workshop on the same street. Our new space offers repairs/servicing Tuesday through Friday in the workshop out back, and on the weekends we offer wheel building and build your own bike classes. 

All this extra work needs more hands on deck and we are looking for one or two experienced bike-folk to join the team of mechanics and instructors already on board. We have all become good friends since Jenni (the director) first opened the doors in 2012, so expect socialising after-hours, organised rides, and unusual events to be regular fixtures.

Job Description:

Full time or Part time. Two positions for multiple regular shifts available. 

Candidates will ideally be able to take on two or more shifts per week with those shifts consisting of a morning/afternoon shift and/or an afternoon/evening shift. Your day could consist of teaching a class in the morning then doing repairs in the afternoon for example, or opening the workshop in the morning and then help running a drop in session in the afternoon. Applicants offering a regular weekend day of drop-in work highly preferred. Extra shifts and further freelance opportunities for off site teaching, Dr Bike, or attending events also available. Worker meetings are every Friday morning or evening for 1.5 - 2 hours - attendance is required and you are paid for your time. 

You will also need to take on some administrative/marketing/finance work to help assist the business. Although not official, we run like a co-operative, where each member of staff is not only wrenching and teaching, but also managing and assisting some aspect of the business. 

We are looking for experienced tutors, cycle trainers, and bike mechanics with a couple of years in the trenches under their belt, Cytech or City and Guilds Level 2 qualification highly desired but not required. Cytech Level 3 would be grand. Must have ultra mega excellent communication skills, and a calm ordered approach to diagnosing mechanical problems and presenting possible solutions. We require hands-off teaching and patience - LOTS of patience. Confidence a boon but no bluffing please. Those able to design and market new courses will be viewed positively. Applications from female and/or minority candidates are strongly encouraged. We welcome all genders. 

Instructors answer to both Tim Jarrett, Operations Director, and Jenni Gwiazdowski, Managing Director. 

N.B.: You may need to complete an afternoon trial drop-in shift, should your application proceed past interview. Should you be successful there will be a trial period of 2 months before your application is reviewed again. 

All employees are paid £10p/h. 

Please send a brief covering email together with your CV and any references to fixit@lbk.org.uk with the subject “Course instructor/Bike mechanic”. Thank you for reading this far, and good luck.

Deadline: Thursday 8 August 2019, 5pm. 

London Bike Kitchen, 28 Whitmore Road, London, N1 5QE, United Kingdom