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Ugh my god you guys, Mercury is actually in retrograde. And now that Brexit's been postponed (again) there are new terrors lurking in the wings. Here are your cycling horror-scopes to help you navigate this difficult time...

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Our friends at the Clonakilty Bike Circus in Ireland have issued a bike building challenge, complete with prize money money ka-ching! Read on: 

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Yep, you heard correctly - we're looking for a new mechanic or two. 

Read on and see if you fit the bill. Or perhaps you know someone who would? Please share far and wide! 

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Introduction to Maintenance was LBK’s first class, even before LBK as a workshop existed. I had gotten a grant from the London Cycling Campaign, £5k to be used on tools and teaching some test classes. This was in May of 2011, when I had a desk job doing marketing for a small London charity. I randomly met Ellie Smith (founder of Oxford’s Broken Spoke Bike Co-op) at a Breeze women’s ride leader training that summer, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were setting up similar projects in our respective cities. We decided to collaborate. 

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What? I have to take care of my tyres? 

Yes sweet thing, you do. 

Your tyres are used every time you ride, and are a consumable - i.e. something meant to be consumed. As with most consumables, how long they last depends on how well you take care of them, and the environment you’re riding in. 

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