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At LBK we highly value education - knowledge is power, after all. Arming yourself with delicious knowledge about your bike will ensure that you and your bike will get on for years to come. 

We have numerous classes to suit different levels of learners. If you're an absolute beginner, start with our Introduction to Maintenance class, where you'll learn the basics, and then be able to build upon that knowledge. 

If you already know how to fix a puncture and are comfortable with tools (righty tighty / lefty loosey etc) then you can take our modular courses based on your bike or what you'd like to learn: Rim Brakes, Gear Indexing, Bearing Systems, and Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Once you've got these under your belt, you're probably ready to take our BYOB (Build Your Own Bike) course, where you'll learn how to take apart a bike and put it back together, or build one from scratch. We also offer the highly popular Wheel Building Part 1 class, and the newly introduced Wheel Building Part 2

Because we love cycle touring and bikepacking so much, we've also got classes to push ya'll in that direction too: Plan Your Next Adventure and Touring Maintenance. Go out and explore the world by bike!