Painless Puncture Repair - ONLINE CLASS - Friday 23 October 1pm

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PAINLESS PUNCTURE REPAIR: Tips & Tricks to get you on your merry way

You'll look forward to your next puncture! 

We’re going back to basics.
Punctures are usually the very first repair hurdle a cyclist will encounter - rather than taking it to a shop to fix, it’s easy to do at home! Jenni is here to show you how. 
We will cover:
- how to flip a bike over without hitting your face
- what causes a puncture
- what size tube you need
- what tools you need
- how to remove a wheel (front and rear) 
- how to remove a tyre
- how to patch a tube (and when to know it can’t be patched)
- how to put it all back together
- quickie puncture repair
- how to prevent punctures in the future

Join us Friday 23 October at 1pm for a live session on how to make fixing punctures a delight.

Can't join at 1? No problemo, you'll still get a link of the recording sent to you the next day, available to watch till the next class. (We have to make room on Zoom to download videos.)

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1) you register and pay (the extra 1 pence is so we can easily tell if a purchase is a class or merch to send out)

2) we will send you a link to join the webinar the night before

3) make sure you download Zoom to your laptop or phone

4) click the link at the time of your class and enjoy! You will not be visible on camera, so go ahead and show up with no makeup/pants/etc


Covid19 has robbed us of our raison d’être - but we are hungry to teach you how to fix your own bike. So online we go! 

We will be using Zoom. I’ve used it in the past for group counselling sessions and the quality is very good. It’s easy to use, but if it’s your first time, pop that cherry by getting to know Zoom a bit before you log into one of our classes. Be sure to download the app for your browser or smartphone beforehand.