Rim Brakes Maintenance Class

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Stopping is GOOD. 

In this 3 hour class you will learn about:

- Different types of rim brakes

- How to change brake pads

- How to adjust a brake cable

- Warning signs of bad brakes

- How to maintain your brakes over time

We do not cover hub brakes or disc brakes in this class. If you have cable disc brakes we recommend booking a 1:1 session (email fixit@lbk.org.uk). If you have hydraulic disc brakes, you can book those classes here

N.B. If you sign up for a class and then can't make it, please let us know ONE WEEK in advance to get a refund. We cannot give a refund after this period. We also cannot transfer your ticket to a different date. Our classes fill up quickly and spots are highly prized, so if you can't make it please let us know ASAP!

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