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Sweet sweet lubrication! 

Keep your chain happy by choosing the correct lube for your bike and environment. 

ChainJ (pronounced "change") is our number 1 choice - it's biodegradable and perfect for randomly rainy/sunny London. 

SynLube is not biodegradable, but is a good lube for wet conditions, and winter time on London's gritted roads. 

Oiling top tip: oil a clean chain, or at least one that's been wiped down thoroughly (although we grimace at that.) Put one drop on each bushing of the chain on the lower half of the chain, and then pedal backwards to continue putting one drop on each bushing. Absolutely DO NOT dribble this over your cassette as you backpedal - this will result in you creating a giant blob of oil buildup on your cassette, and it does not need this. The chain needs the lube, not your cassette.