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We found that our old membership scheme just wasn’t cutting the mustard. It was difficult to manage and wasn’t being used to its fullest. So we put our heads together and decided to change our structure. Check out our new supporter scheme: Friends with LBK Benefits.

Join with an annual membership fee of £50, help LBK raise money for our upcoming eviction/move, PLUS:

One (1) medium service* (our most popular service - worth £60)


Six (6) hours of Peak** drop-in time (worth £84) and Unlimited Off-Peak** drop-in time

Add £3 to get a real live plastic membership card. Makes a great gift! (You don't have to get an IRL plastic card, we'll keep track of your bits on our end.) If you order a card, it will take up to 2 weeks to arrive at your doorstep, as they are personalised!

We chose these two options because we want to make sure that your bike is being looked after on a yearly basis. We see so many bikes come in that need £200-300 pounds of work, and the shock on people's faces is painful to see. Your £50 investment is a great reminder for you to take care of your beloved, and you end up saving loads of dosh when you do regular maintenance. Win-Win sitch, amirite?

Either offer must be used in the year of your membership and will expire at the end! When you renew, you get another annual service or 6 hours of drop in time. Hours and services not used in your previous year cannot be carried over. Membership starts the date of purchase. Member cannot switch between memberships within the year - a new one must be purchased if the other offer is desired. 


Join online here via Member Mojo. Member Mojo will be looking after your membership, and will send you a reminder when you need to renew (hooray! The machines are taking over!)

Speak friend and enter. Once you join, your name will be sent to our database, where we'll either add you to our old school progress chart poster in LBK1 for your 6 drop in hours (you get a star for each hour you use!), or to LBK2, where we'll be waiting for you to get your Medium Service. 

If Friends with LBK Benefits proves to be a hit, we will be adding even more benefits in the future, like Members Only merch (think badges, water bottles, casquettes), and handy dandy informative newsletters. There might even be a lil sumthin sumthin for your birthday ;) 

So help us in this grand experiment and become a Friend with LBK Benefits TODAY!

* Parts & Accessories are extra

** Peak = Thursdays 5 - 8pm, weekend 1 - 6pm

Off-Peak = weekday 1 - 5pm ONLY

Parts & Accessories are extra

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