How to Change a Spoke // Online LIVE Class // Friday 11 December 1pm

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How to Change a Spoke

Friday 11 December 1pm

Entropy is the nature of the universe - stuff's gonna break sometimes, including spokes on your bike!

You'll learn:

  • how wheels are constructed
  • why and where spokes break
  • how to size a spoke
  • how to lace & tension a spoke
  • how to true a wheel on your bike

I'll be demonstrating the basics on a front wheel, but will touch on what will need doing on a rear wheel and disc wheels.

Let's get things straight. Join me this Friday 11 December at 1pm.


We expect this to take 1 hour + live Q&A. Bring questions :)


1) you register and pay

2) we will send you a link to join the webinar at 10pm the day before

3) make sure you download Zoom to your laptop or phone

4) click the link at the time of your class and enjoy! You will not be visible on camera, so go ahead and show up with no makeup/pants/etc



Covid19 has robbed us of our raison d’être - but we are hungry to teach you how to fix your own bike. So online we go! 

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