Subtle Couriers Peanut Butter - Organic, Homemade, Roasted

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It's the BEST peanut butter in the world!!!

Think you've tasted good peanut butter? Think again.

Clarence from Subtle Couriers is back on form and making homemade roasted peanut butter right here in London, this time with two little helpers, Inka and Noa.

300g jar = £5.00

Not to be confused with Charlie's Bum Butter, Clarence's Peanut Butter is meant for eating - crunchy but without big chunks. You can taste the roasting that the peanuts have gone through. It's organic but not labelled as such (too expensive).

Genuine quote from the last person to taste it: "OMG OMG OMG OMG this is ridiculously good!"


***OFFER: Bring back your empty jar in 'CORONA CLEAN' condition, and we'll give you 50p off your next jar! Don't say we don't take care of you ;)***