Online Classes

For too long we fumble through, guessing what works & what doesn't...

It's time to learn.


Covid19 has robbed us of our raison d’être - but we are still hungry to teach you how to fix your own bike. So online we go! 

Here is our new Online Class Library, recordings of all the classes we've done so far:

For future classes, read on:

We will be using Zoom. I’ve used it in the past for group counselling sessions and the quality is very good. It’s easy to use, but if it’s your first time, pop that cherry by getting to know Zoom a bit before you log into one of our classes. You can use a browser, or download the app for your smart phone. It's free.

YES, there will be Q&A at the end, of course - that’s what makes this different from a YouTube video. After class, we will make the video available to play for 6 days - esp good if you’re in a different timezone (hello international bike maintenance fans!) - so that you can go over it, add to your notes, relive the excitement, etc. And after this, it'll join our online class library, which you can join for £35/year, and watch each video as much as you darn tootin' like.

Rather than us creating notes, we ask that you take your own notes in the style that you find useful. In the past when we gave students notes after a class, they inevitably forgot information as they thought they could rely on someone else’s notes to remind them. (When you copy off of someone else’s homework, you’re the loser Chad.) The great thing about taking notes yourself is that you’ve taken the time to process information your way, and store it in the way that suits your learning style. (What’s your learning style? Well do you like to take photos of things, do you need to write things down, or do you need to actually DO them? Most people are a mix, but there will be one dominant form. Rare is the person that can just listen to things and then retain info. Don’t kid yourself buddy.) REPEAT AFTER ME: There is no shame in taking notes!

We will definitely be making points during the webinar, but as many things with bike maintenance are different on different people's bikes, my ultimate goal is to give you the incentive and encouragement to study your own bicycle 💖

So go on then, check it out - #NEVERNOTLEARNING, remember?