How Do Gears Work + How to Index Gears - ONLINE CLASS - 24 April 1pm + 1 May 1pm

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How do gears work? And how do I index my gears? 

This is a two-part online class! (2 for the price of 1!) 

Part 1 - Friday 24 April 1pm: How do gears work + How to use gears properly (focus on derailleur gears only)

Part 2 - Friday 1 May 1pm: How to index a rear derailleur

In this two part online class series I'll be talking about the theory behind gearing, how to use gears properly, and how to index a rear derailleur. Each class will take about 1 hour, to be followed by Q&A with you, the audience! 

The drivetrain and gear systems are amazing advancements in technology - they have allowed us to ride faster for longer, to ride up hills with ease, and to take advantage of a downhill. 

But no one teaches us how to use gears on a bike properly - and what usually ends up happening is the rider leaves their gears alone, which in turn causes mechanical issues like inefficiency of the rider's output (you get tired real quick), and expedited wear of the drivetrain (you have to change your chain and cassette earlier than expected). 

Join me, Jenni Gwiazdowski, as I talk about how gears work and how to use them properly. It's a great way to prolong the condition of your drivetrain, save time & money, and travel efficiently. 

In Part 2, I will cover how to set up and index an 11 speed Shimano 105 rear derailleur (not the front). I DO NOT advise doing this along with me the first time around - please watch first, and then attempt on your own (the link to the video will be sent out the next day.) 


n.b. the extra .01 pence is so Nelson can quickly tell this is a class and not merch to be sent out



1) you register and pay

2) we will send you a link to join the webinar the day before

3) make sure you download Zoom to your laptop or phone

4) click the link at the time of your class and enjoy! You will not be visible on camera, so go ahead and show up with no makeup/pants/etc


Covid19 has robbed us of our raison d’être - but we are hungry to teach you how to fix your own bike. So online we go! 

We will be using Zoom. I’ve used it in the past for group counselling sessions and the quality is very good. It’s easy to use, but if it’s your first time, pop that cherry by getting to know Zoom a bit before you log into one of our classes. Be sure to download the app for your browser or smartphone beforehand. 

We will be charging on a scale, for a couple reasons: 

  1. Learning bike maintenance online is not the same as learning IRL
  2. Some people have just lost their jobs and might not be able to afford a full priced class
  3. We are also struggling, and would appreciate an income
  4. We’ve never done this before so we can’t go charging our usual rates for something that might go tits up

Please give what you can! £2 / £9 / £19