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In this LIVE sushi roll-a-long, we'll be making sushi rolls, or sushirritos as I call them at home (like a burrito but in sushi form). White rice and your choice of filling make for the perfect on the go cycling snack.

Thursday 1 July 7pm

Sign up, and we will send you what ingredients and tools you'll need to purchase / prepare beforehand, plus your Zoom link.



1) you register and pay (the extra 1 pence is so we can easily tell if a purchase is a class or merch to send out)

2) we will send you a link to join the webinar the night before at 10pm

3) make sure you download Zoom to your laptop or phone

4) click the link at the time of your class


Turns out teaching online is not enough to revolutionize home DIY bike maintenance - we gotta walk you through it together. Enter the summer of the FIX-A-LONG - small weekly group sessions where you work on your bike together with the instructor and fellow students. Your camera & mic will be on, and we will be learning new maintenance skills and creating good habits. Let's fix together!