SKS AIRWORX PLUS 10.0 Track Pump

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SKS is a great German brand, known for their excellent mudguards and pumps. Ready to invest in a pump for a lifetime? Here's the SKS Airworx Plus - taller than average, so it's great for well, taller people. 

From the SKS website: 

Large, larger, AIRWORX PLUS 10.0. The above average height of the high performing floor pump from SKS enables it to provide a large volume per stroke. The soft touch handle with grip recesses provide a comfortable feel and enable you to inflate your tyres up to 10 bar/144 PSI. The solid metal base ensures a firm foothold. The precision gauge that is positioned on top and can be easily read also has a pressure release valve. In addition to the long high pressure hose, the pump is fitted with a MULTIVALVE head for use with all valve types and comes with two adapters for balls or inflatable mattresses.

color: black
valve: AV, SV, DV
output max: 10 bar / 144 PSI
cylinder liner: Metal
foot: Metal
handhold: soft touch handle