Build Your Own Bike Classes

Yeah, we used to do BYOB classes, but it became apparent that they just weren't working - students were not ready nor able to finish building their bike in a day. The instructor ended up finishing up everything. To this end, we've started to redesign how we do BYOBs: We now primarily focus on Bike in a Box BYOB classes, where you can buy a complete bike, and then we build it together with you. These classes have no prerequisites. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Buy a bike and build it! We can get a number of different bikes in from Brick Lane Bikes, Brother Cycles, The Light Blue, All City Cycles, and many others. If you wish to build a bike from scratch, these are done by appointment only. Sourcing and collecting parts can take months - for example, the last two BYOBs we did from scratch took 3 months to prepare. The cost for all the parts was around £1k. The cost of the class is £175, which includes our assistance in sourcing all parts. Scratch BYOBs have prerequisites of the following 4 classes: Intro to Maintenance, Brakes (Rim or Hydraulic Disc), Gear Indexing, and Bearing Systems. You can purchase our Mechanics Bundle to save a bundle on the class price. The cheapest we've ever built a bike for a BYOB is £500 (not including class price), and that took a good chunk of time to source second hand parts. We do not sell second hand consumables like brake pads, chains, and tyres.