LBK Off-Site


New offsite classes / Dr Bike sessions for your home, school, or workplace. 

Whether it's a team building exercise, a hen do, a birthday party or a Bar Mitzvah, we've got classes to suit your learning needs. 

We can teach up to 8 students at a time thanks to our new Od Pod portable bike stands

Choose from: Introduction to Maintenance, Rim Brake Maintenance, Gear Indexing, Puncture Repair, Wheel Lacing, M-check, Bartaping, and Touring Maintenance. We can even do a mix of things, just ask! 

We also do Dr Bike sessions, where people can get their bikes checked with a mechanic, and we can do simple repairs and servicing on site. 

"I thought the workshop was really great! The teachers were so friendly and everything they taught us was brand new information to me even though I’ve had my bike for a long time. I feel confident now to change my inner tube and do a puncture repair. I also feel like they gave me the terminology and knowledge that if I did need to go into a bike shop and discuss other issues I could do so with some confidence.  I think we got through a lot in the three hour time slot and they were extremely non-judgemental and approachable!" - Parisa 

Let us know what your goals are, and we can design a bespoke session just for you. 

Class cost includes workstands, tools, and PPE. Students will need to bring their own bikes. Special pricing for charities, not-for-profits, and small businesses available, as are money-saving package deals of multiple classes. Minimum hire time is 2 hours. 

We keep our teaching ratio 1:4, so if there are 5-8 of you two instructors will be necessary. 

Email us with your requirements: 

We're excited to design a course for you!