Online Class Library

Do you like to watch? 

Covid-19 has forced a lot of us to do things we never thought we’d do before. For example, I’ve now watched the entire first series of Star Trek, and have a soft spot for Scotty. Who knew? I’ve also started teaching online, and have now amassed enough how-to videos to warrant a secret Vimeo collection - BEHOLD: the LBK online class library! 

MARVEL at the breadth of content! 
CHORTLE at the entertainment value! 
ENQUIRE as to how you can join! 
Yes friends, we have videos now, and for the low low price of £35/year, you can join the library as an "I Like To Watch” member and have access to your heart’s content. Videos will be added every week (Vimeo limit how many uploads I can make on their entry level plan.)  

Here is our new Online Class Library, recordings of all the classes we've done so far:

How to single speed a bike
How to pack your bike
Bar Tape-Along
Painless puncture repair
Route planning with apps
Rim Brakes home maintenance
Caring for disc brakes at home
How to buy a 2nd hand bike
How to change your chain at home
How to clean your chain at home
Bare Minimum Bike Maintenance
How to paint a bike
How do gears work?
How to index a rear derailleur
The Bike Whisperer: what do all those sounds mean?
Keeping tabs on your bike: the M-check
The Road to Paris-Brest-Paris