Saddle Library

Saddle Library is closed for the duration of Covid-19.

A saddle what? 

A saddle library! Like with books, but for saddles. 

We've gotten a nice selection of different saddles for different butts. Everyone is shaped differently, and saddles aren't necessarily gender-specific or even related to gender, (even if a manufacturer says so.) 

It's £15 to join and have access to the library.

If you'd like to book an appointment to visit CLICK HERE. We will measure your sit bones and lower back flexibility, and then help choose a few saddles to test out. We'll also show you how to properly set up a new saddle, and how to adjust it safely. 

If you get on with a saddle, you can take it home for 2 weeks to test it out under real life conditions. If you like it, we can order a new one for you. If you don't, come back to exchange it for a different one. 

Book your appointment today!

How does it work?

  1. Book an appointment during weekday drop in hours (Wed 1 - 5pm, Thu 1 - 8pm, Fri 1 - 5pm) or our Women and Gender-variant night, and pay £15 (non-refundable / one-off contribution) to join the library. You'll have to agree and sign our Terms & Conditions (see below). 
  2. Have a short chat with us to figure out what your issues are and which saddles may best suit your needs
  3. We'll measure you with our ProLogo My Own fitting system to get your sit bone measurements 
  4. We'll then help you select which saddles to try out and put them on your bike for a test ride
  5. Choose one (1) saddle to take home for (two) 2 weeks
  6. See if you get on with it - if you don't, bring it back within two weeks to check out another saddle.
  7. Find one you like? You can order it through us! Huzzah!! Butts are happy! 

Available Saddles

With great thanks to our sponsors ProLogo!  

ProLogo: Dimension Black TiroxKappa space t2, Kappa Evo t2, Nago evo 134 t2, Nago DEA tirox, Scratch DEA tirox, Zero DEA t2, Kappa DEA t2  

Brooks: Cambium C17, with and without cutout

Gilles Berthoud: Aspin ouverte, Aravis ouverte, Galibier, Vars, Aspin, Mente 

Charge: Spoon, Ladle

Rido: R2, Lt 


Terms & Conditions 

  • Fee to become a Member of the saddle club: £15 (non-refundable, and this is not a deposit)
  • Lend duration: 2 weeks (14 days)
  • Penalty for late return: £5 per day
  • Member has responsibility for the saddle until the return it. If saddle becomes lost, stolen or broken member must pay the full retail price of the saddle. Treat it like The Precious...
  • Member will not hold LBK responsible for pain, damage or injury resulting from use of saddle
  • We will not take card details due to the time and effort involved in figuring out security and GDPR compliance. This will be a honesty based system. We will take 2 forms of contact info which will be recorded in Lend-Items: email address and phone number
  • Saddles can be loaned out during drop in hours or at WAG nights. They can be returned at any time to the drop in workshop: T/W 1-5, Th 1-8, F 1-5, S/S 1-6. We highly recommend coming on a weekday - come on the weekend and expect delays. We have to prioritise teaching students first. 
  • Saddle fitting policy: we will do simple fittings but there will be no use of turbo trainers and lasers. The library is here for trial and error fitting. LBK staff are not professional bike fitters.