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Fix Shit or Cry Trying - FUNDRAISER Patches

Fix Shit or Cry Trying - FUNDRAISER Patches


We feel your pain. 

We know what it's like to beaver away at your bike, only to find that it was absolutely pointless and you need another part that's only available in Bulgaria and maybe you can get it if you win the bid on ebay but if you don't then you have to commission this one frame builder to make the part from scratch but frame builders don't really like to make parts so if they say no you're back at square one... DEEP BREATHS, FRIEND. 

LBK is getting officially evicted in January 2020 - that's in 6 month's time. Instead of doing a crowdfund, which nearly killed Jenni in 2016, we are doing a merch fundraiser series with our new campaign #FixShitOrCryTrying. Patches usually go for £5, but we are selling them for £6, with that extra pound going to our eviction fund.

Take a picture of your sad face next to our patch and tag us @ldnbikekitchen - we'll feature you on our social meds!

Every time you buy something from us, you are voting that you want us to exist, and keep existing! 

Thank you for supporting us! 

Shipping in the UK is £1. 

EU & International shipping is £2. 

Please add the appropriate amount to your basket! 

Patches are 5cm in diameter, sew-on type (NOT iron-on) 

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