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Give the gift of knowledge! 

Perfect for nudging people towards the DIY side, or if you don't know anything about bikes but your giftee is bike crazy. Our gift vouchers can be used for any class at LBK. 

Xmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Chinese New Year - do you really need a date to give the gift that keeps on giving? 

Order in increments of £5. (This is a Shopify workaround.) 

Please leave the name of your Giftee in the notes section! 


n.b. To be used on CLASSES at LBK only 

Voucher is emailed as a PDF. We've stopped doing paper vouchers. 

Vouchers expire on 31 December 2020 - we are getting evicted sometime in 2021 now - postponed! (they keep changing the dates on us.)