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Come learn the basics of bicycle maintenance :D LBK's Intro to Maintenance course takes place over two consecutive days at three hours each day. 

Day 1: Workshop basics
1) Names of common bike parts and understanding their condition
2) Essential tools: names of and how to use them properly 
3) Fixing punctures and replacing tyres

Day 2: Preventative care for your bike
4) Using the M-check to check what's going on with your bike
5) Learn to remove, clean, and replace your chain and cassette
6) Oils and greases - whats the difference and how to use them

We cap our classes at four (4) students max. The cost will be £95. If you don’t have your own bike, don’t worry – we can provide you with one (just let us know in advance). 

Parents: if you'd like to come with a child under 18, you'll have to purchase a ticket for both yourself and your young 'un. 

NB1 - when you book this class, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions

NB2 - you have 1 week to reschedule / get a full refund. Anytime after this we can offer a reschedule for half price of the class. This includes if you are sick!