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It's a pair of tyre levers and quick link pliers, all rolled into one! 

Finally, an easy way to undo quick links when you're out in the middle of nowhere - or also at home. And they double up as a fantastic pair of tyre levers, so it's one tool that does two jobs - WIN. 

Extra bonus, they are emblazoned with our logo on one, and our motto on another: "#FIXSHIT"

These are made by the original Clever Standard

From their website: 

Introducing the world's first "Portable Quick-Link Pliers."  The Clever Lever Original is a patented interlocking system that doubles its function from a master-link plier into a set of tire levers.  Made from Swiss-engineered plastic, and a robust construction, the Clever Standard Original will offer you the finest support in an emergency situation.

Weight: 60 grams for a set 
Size: 130mm x 20mm x 20mm (when stacked together)

Available in Black only.